Servant Leader

Don Mentzer...Creative Art Landscaping

Grounds Maintenance & Landscape Art Director:

Don Mentzer, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the youngest of three boys. He moved to Brunswick County in October 1988. Don never had a chance to know his mother, as he was only two when she died of Cancer. He does believe even at the age of 2 that as his mother sang and prayed to him as an infant, her prayers had an impact on his life.

He is married to his wife Marty of 20 years. Marty, along with his mothers sister, her family, his grandmother, his brothers and his father have all been inspirational in his life. Friends have also contributed to Don’s walk with the Lord. Don loves to be involved with Christian groups and fellowships. Don is very active in his church and is an elder at Seaside Christian Fellowship.

Don invited Anointed Vessels Ministry to come to the Brunswick County Full Gospel Business men Fellowship where he served as President at the time. It was not long after that, he was called to come to use his gifts, talents, and time For the Glory of God. Don has been here when there were only 5 to sit around the table and make plans for the year. He has been commitment, faithful, dependable, full of fun, laughter, not afraid of hard work and lights up a room when he walks in. He would be the one, working out of the land, and no one ever knows he is out there, until you see him leaving or see something else has been done. Don Mentzer is a Servant Leader and our Art Landscaping & Maintenance Director.

In addition to the gifts he uses in his local church, he so freely gives his knowledge, experience, and time in helping with the maintenance of the land. Don is a local business man, owns and operates Lawnvista Landscaping. Every January he plans out what area he will work on next and then goes to recruiting help. All the plants, flowers, trees, dirt, sand, rocks, paver stones, have been donated through local businesses, nurseries and other landscaping companies. In fact, he remembers when we first developed the, Catch the Vision, with a brick pathway, most of the plants were donated from another local business man, John Barrett’s Service Station from Shallotte, had us come to his yard, dig up what we wanted then we re-transplanted them. Amazing how God will supply all of your needs accordingly through his riches in Glory.

2009 brings more challenges to Don, as we plan for the development of, The Love Letters to the Seven. This will be a teaching walk thru tour, to teach on the message to the seven churches from the Book of Revelation. Everything we do, we want the WOW, Working On Witnessing. The Lord spoke to Don at the beginning of this year, that many, many people will be coming to the Anointed Vessels Ministry and his job was to keep the land presentable as unto Him. Thats one thing you can be sure of, a sheep knows his masters voice and will not follow a stranger. Don has seen the Anointed Vessels grow and minister to many people throughout the years, lives changed and souls saved. He loves seeing the Vision the Lord has given the Paynes unfold each year.

He is always excited how the Lord adds those to come aboard and about meeting new people.